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ohhhaaaaaaa kawaii


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2 Pictures of the Dragon Con 2014th
Lomelindi has made it and I love the pictures that way.
Thank you for that very sincerely.

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Here I will now present my own two cosplay projects.
I Work paralel to two Cosplay’s now. The first (Nachal) should be ready for ie Frankfurt Book Fair mid-October. Thorin for the European premiere of the latest Hobbit movie.
Lots to do ^^

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The key to Erebor


I LOVE this pic

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I decided to use this last hurrah before vacation is over to make the oaken shield. I’ve never worked in foam before so this was an entirely new experience. I learned one thing: holy crap I absolutely love sculpting in foam.

The photos don’t really show the form so well because the black hides most of the detail, so it’s killing me that there’s no way to share how good this looks. Seriously, I hate to toot my own horn, but I straight-up can’t believe I made this.

Now I just have to wait for the plastidip to dry so I can paint it and add the straps. Rgghhh… Waiting is so hard when I’m working on something this cool!






Dragon*Con 2014 Costume Coverage.


Is this you?  Note or go to Tawny’s Costumes and Curiosities on Facebook and tag yourself.

crowned thorin is awesome, but the other thorin is PERFECT! Congrats, folks!

Fili, you just look so pretty…

SQUEEE….. I wish I could’ve been there to hug you all!

DOS Thorin tankhera

Crowned Thorin hizsi

Fili vanaethiriel

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I got to meet hizsi and tankhera and was honored to get to Thorin with them for a few pictures! Why are all the Thorins I’ve met such lovely people? I just wish I’d gotten a picture of all the Thorins at Evening at Bree.

soooooo much fun ^^

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12. Your cosplay idol.(s)
Hizsi Cosplay/Design - Thorin Cosplayer
LOKI on Midgard aka FahrLight - Loki cosplayer


thank you so much ^-^

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i´m going on an adventure

it is 4.20 German clock time and I just Pack. In five hours I sit in the plane direction of America. I'm a bit scared of the flight because I have to change trains.
And I hope my luggage is not too heavy ^^ ” ‘

Sorry that I was so little here lately online. Will also change again soon.
It could now once more German Posts come of it (no translation program ^^ ” ‘

I hope I can see some great people and get to know many new people.
I'm very curious how the country is and how there is a convention.

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